Soapstone Care


new-homeCleaning Soapstone is very easy to care for. You can use any kind of basic kitchen and bathroom cleaner on its surface. Due to soapstone’s non-porous nature no chemicals can harm the stone. However stronger cleaners will remove the mineral oil from the surface of the stone and thus cause the need to reapply the oil more frequently.

Oiling the Stone

After installing your soapstone countertops we will apply the first application of mineral oil to the surface of your tops (however, if your project is still under construction we may leave this first application up to you.) Remember you do not have to oil your stone. Oiling your stone simply speeds up the patina process of the stone and gives the stone a darker look which can enhance beauty of the stone’s veining patterns.

To apply mineral oil: Simply pour directly onto the surface a thin line of oil and then use a rag or paper towels to wipe the stone and even out the oil application. We suggest applying the oil to a rag and then saving the rag in a zip lock bag for the next application.

To apply Bee’s Oil: Bee’s oil often comes in a hardened state which you can apply like a car wax. Apply it with a clean dry rag or a dry car wax pad. Let it sit for about 10 minutes and then buff it off.

Maintenance & Repairs

If you choose a softer variety of soapstone it will develop scratch marks on the surface sooner than a variety that is harder. Mineral oil can make shallow scratches disappear. Deeper scratches or nicks can be sanded out. Download these instructions.