About Soapstone


Soapstone is a unique naturally quarried stones that is non-porous. It is becoming the gourmet’s choice for their designer/working kitchen. Many chefs and celebrities have begun to see the benefits of soapstone and now have it in their homes as well as some of the shows you see on TV.

The natural soft silky feel of soapstone demands that it be touched. It naturally has a matte or honed finish so you never have to worry about finger prints or drip marks showing as you would with a high polished finish as seen on granite or marble.

Soapstone cannot be “sealed” or “treated” because it is a non-porous stone. You can use any kind of cleaner or bleach on its surface and never have to fear of removing the chemical sealer like you would with granite, marble or limestone. Since you are able to use such strong cleaners, it makes Soapstone a natural ‘anti-bacterial’ surface.

Unlike other forms of manmade countertops, the stone will never fade with direct sunlight, nor will harsh chemicals such as Liquid Plumber or Drano “eat” the surface away.

Soapstone is an amazing conductor of hot and colds. You can put hot pots and frozen objects directly onto the stone without fear of damaging it. We have found in our own personal kitchen that the stone will pull hot and cold from whatever object you place on it. It makes cooling an overly hot cup of coffee and thawing frozen foods less time constraining.


We hope that you will fall in love with Soapstone
as much as we have.