Restorations & Refinishing

The finish to soapstone is critical to how it will perform over time in your home. If the surface of the stone is polished to high it will show every scratch, ding, water mark and is very hard to live with. If the surface is finished too rough you will lose the silkiness that soapstone is known for and will appear uneven or coarse.

Since we started Creative Soapstone we have done our best to educate anyone that contacts us on how soapstone will perform in your home and environment and have done our best to help soapstone owners across the United States in the care and maintenance of their soapstone. We have perfected how the stone should be finished so that the maintenance in your home is minimal and the stone will wear with grace over the years.

Soapstone restoration and refinishing is also a part of our business and while we only service Florida with custom soapstone fabrication, we do offer restoration and refinishing services to customers throughout the United States.
Please Contact us for more information and to obtain an estimate for our services.

We currently have professionals in place that service the Following Markets Directly

  • Philadelphia, PA/Southern New Jersey/Delaware – Mellinger Carpentry and Remodeling 267.644.8388
  • Houston, TX Market- Town and Country Natural Stone Care- (713) 462-7922