On to our Next Adventure…

As of December 2019, we will be closing Creative Soapstone.  Just as all of our lives change and grow, Mimi and I are at a point where we want to make a change.  Although this decision was difficult to make, we feel God’s peace in our decision and are excited for the new opportunities our lives will encounter.

Creative Soapstone has had the pleasure of serving the Florida community with soapstone fabrication since 2007.  Since that time, we have met amazing people and are honored to have been a part of your lives helping you build the homes that you, your family and friends enjoy.  Some of you have become wonderful friends, many we only wish we had more time to get to know better.  Your projects, your lives have been the heartbeat of Creative Soapstone, and we so much appreciate your searching for a specialty product that fit your life.  This has given us an opportunity to fulfill our dreams and do what we could do to better the world around us. For that we are grateful!

It would be unfair for us to not acknowledge the many who have helped in our journey.  The relationships we left in Pennsylvania to come to Florida, the countless friends we have built here in Punta Gorda FL, as well as the partnerships we have built in our industry.  Without each of you we would not be where we are today.

We are overwhelmed by the joys of working with such amazing people and can’t stop thinking of all those we shared life with doing what we love.  To the countless long nights, the joys of relationships, the sacrifice of many who have got us here, we are grateful beyond words.

To Kitchen Classics, Campbell Cabinetry, all the amazing Kitchen Dealers, Interior Decorators, General Contractors, Subcontractors, as well as the professional partners at Ignite Graffix, Webb Lorah McMillin, CeJay Associates, and Centennial Bank – it was a joy to work with you. Of course, we are forever grateful to the Garden Web (bought out by Houzz)!  Yes, for all those who we have talked with over the years, it has been such a pleasure!

Curt, Lewis, Elisee, the memories we shared will be cherished, we can’t thank you enough.  Love you guys.

A final thanks to Sam and Lual DiNenna, your sacrifice has been extraordinary.  We would not be here without your support.  We are forever grateful.

We leave this industry with joy and hope for a good future, and we are excited for what God has in store for us.

La Dolce Vita!

To our family and friends,
May the Lord Bless you and Keep you!

Joshua and Mimi Schaefer